BASSNECTAR – Live At Red Rocks

Earlier this summer we photographed BASSNECTAR at Red Rocks…

There was a light drizzle in the air as NOCOAST photographer Jesse R. Borrell parked his car in the upper north lot at Colorado’s best outdoor music venue. It was still hours away till the main headliner would go on, but already the parking lots were maxed out and he was forced to park far away along the main road. Tonight’s event was the first of 3 consecutive shows hosted by Lorin Ashton, also know as Bassnectar, at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Although this was Jesse’s 5th time catching Bassnectar, this was the first time he has been granted access to the photo pit shooting for The Marquee. Armed with a clear plastic poncho and a cover for his digital cameras, he ventured out as drizzle turned to steady rain.

“At first I wasn’t a fan of the Bassnectar scene. I didn’t get it, but eventually I was won over after a series of amazing performances at Red Rocks. It was cool to finally photograph the spectacle.”     – Photographer Jesse R. Borrell


Flashing back to 2010, a specific performance by Bassnectar at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield CO marks the beginning of NOCOAST. On that evening, Tobin Voggesser was hired to be the official photographer. Lorin’s management was looking for somebody to time-lapse capture the 6,500 person capacity venue transitioning from empty to full, so Tobin called Jesse to see if he was available and fortunately he was. The artist was supplying the time-lapse camera and all Jesse had to do was show up, adjust the camera on the fly, and mail an external hard drive to the client once it has been backed up. In the weeks after, Jesse eventually edited a quick re-cap video for fun (check it out below), combining his 1 time-lapse, Tobin’s still pictures, and some video clips taked by Lorin’s tour manager Lia Holland. The resulting edit marked Jesse and Tobin’s first collaboration, and the seeds for NOCOAST were planted here…

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Flash forward to 2015, the rain subsided as Jesse walked into the sacred amphitheater. Every surface and every body twinkled with a wet reflective glow, and he knew this was going to be a fun photo shoot. Unlike most working concerts at Red Rocks, Jesse was there as a member of the press and had 3 songs in the front pit to capture his close-up shots. Lorin hit the stage just after 10:15 PM, and the next 15 minutes were a blitz in the photo pit. Jesse was teaching himself a new method for taking pictures that he calls the “push/pull” effect, and after many unusable frames he was able to capture the action for a surreal effect:

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Check out the first NOCOAST video ever produced below from back in 2010. Although a bit repetitive, we love the use of stop motion in this video. It will always be a reminder of humble beginnings, taking chances, and trying new techniques regardless of budgets or limitations…