Gramatik – Live In A Blizzard

On Friday, May 8th NOCOAST photographer Tobin Voggesser was on hand to photograph Gramatik.

The weather report did not lie: Morrison, Colorado was forecasted for 100 percent chance of snow. NOCOAST photographer Tobin Voggesser arrived at the venue at 7PM just as heavy rain turned to snow. Tobin describes, “It felt like what I imagined working for the show Deadliest Catch would be. A towel was my best friend.” By the time Denis Jasarevic (Gramatik) took the stage over 3 inches had dropped in the area. None of this stopped a sold out crowd from showing up, and the show blasted off on schedule. Check out some of Tobin’s photos of Gramatik and Cherub below…

“One thing at Red Rocks, the fog is never thick enough to make the lights grow like being at an indoor show,” Tobin says. “The snow was so thick that the lights shot out in beams towards the crowd just like the [lighting director] intended. It was sick.”

We also collaborated with Nina Varano of Gramatik, Laine Kelly of Mixed Media, and Scott Lynch of Cinesthetics on a short re-cap video of the evening we are now calling BLIZZMATIK. It is always great to work with new artists that share a passion and do what they love. Watch it here:

NOCOAST director Jesse R. Borrell shot and edited this teaser using footage from 2014’s sold out performance: