“Felt Like Love” Music Video

“Felt Like Love” Music Video

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Jesse directs Carolyn Hunter

Sensuous Music Video: “Felt Like Love”

Director/DP Jesse Borrell collaborated with Boulder-based, singer-songwriter Carolyn Hunter to create a sensuous music video. The song “Felt Like Love” is on her debut solo album, Lovelight.

Carolyn has spent most of her career singing in various groups — including the Heartstring Hunters, a Colorado indie-folk band. She excels as a backup vocalist, often harmonizing with our friend Daniel Rodriguez (formerly of Elephant Revival). She contributed to six tracks on Daniel’s 2020 solo album, Sojourn of a Burning Sun.

On Lovelight, Carolyn unleashed her very own synth-pop symphony. Its music production wizardry is delivered by Julian Peterson of Wolf Den Records.

A dream-like exploration of love

Carolyn’s new song starts as an exploration of love and resilience. It eventually grants all of us permission to move and feel free.

We wanted this video to evoke a dream-like romantic innocence. Our creative brainstorming began many months before cameras rolled as we visualized different methods to achieve the desired effect.

As a result, Jesse used camera movement and lens filtration to complement various themes during production. As the song progresses, intimate, hand-held, close-ups evolve and embrace bold, fluid choreography. A story builds between the dancing and camerawork. Atmospheric haze and negative fill defined the look. Crystals and other prisms playfully refract the light. In the edit, a low-contrast color grade enhanced the already sun-soaked visuals.

Check out the video below…

“Felt Like Love” Music Video

Directed by Jesse Borrell and Carolyn Hunter
Music Produced by Julian Peterson, 2022 Wolf Den Records

Choreographer – Alexandra Tomassian
Dancers – Alexandra Tomassian & Diandra Masuda
Camera Assistant/Gaffer – Brayden Heath

Boulder County, Colorado