Craft an authentic story.

Whether we are working with Fortune 500 companies
or a small local business, our approach is the same:
craft an authentic story with a specific audience in mind.
Our experienced crew of Directors, Cinematographers, Drone Pilots, and Audio Engineers will find the right approach to meet your production’s needs on schedule and within budget every time.



Waterpik commercial

The stategic use of motion graphics (above) highlights new technology that drives the frictionless shopping experience at Choice Market.

Camera cool

Let's craft an authentic story with a specific audience in mind.

nocoast delivers...

NOCOAST livestream and video production


Video production can feel complicated, but a well-prepared plan ensures a smooth production from start to finish. Let's craft an authentic story. We'll talk scripts, budgets, storyboards, scheduling, permits, insurance, crew needs and more.

NOCOAST livestream and video production

Production Teamwork

NOCOAST scales our crew up or down depending on what is needed. From large creative agency commercial shoots to run-and-gun event capture, our experienced production team is comfortable in every scenario.

NOCOAST livestream and video production


We love spending long days in the edit lab bringing videos to life. The Adobe Creative Suite is a powerful tool for audio and visual storytelling. Motion graphics help break down complex information, delivering the message simply and clearly.

NOCOAST livestream and video production

We Fly to You...

Our team has produced commercials all across the USA, including social media campaigns for the U.S. Census in Los Angeles, to fly-on-the-wall documentary shoots with Calvin Klein in New York City.

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Denver metro

The number of housing discrimination complaints has risen to unprecedented levels, and America’s neighborhoods are more segregated now than they were in 1918.


We recently teamed up with the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center to create a series of PSAs to raise awareness of this growing problem in our community. Here is our documentary called “A Place Called Better.”


Ford "Built for America"

There are few companies more iconic than the Ford Motor Company, and their agency GTB has been shaping the automaker’s historic brand for over 50 years. 
GTB tasked Audacy and NOCOAST to tell the stories of 30 diverse companies making a difference in their communities during the pandemic. We jumped into action producing a series of doc-styled video spots and radio ads that connected with Ford’s audience all across the USA.


Choice Market

NOCOAST was tasked to accentuate the ease of new frictionless shopping technology at Choice. We worked with our client to develop storyboards that featured dynamic movement and a simple storyline. An effective motion graphics package tied the whole project together, highlighting the new technology in a playful manner. 
Shop the store in minutes, grab the items you want, then exit without the traditional checkout. No lines, no waiting. Just make your Choice & GO!


Boulder Valley SchoolS

NOCOAST is proud to have worked with the Boulder Valley School District for many years, and they rank as the #1 employer in all of Colorado. We were hired to create a commercial that focuses on the various job opportunities available within the district.  
This video features our trademark style: straight to camera-scripted elements mixed with interview testimonials, all balanced with both a handheld look and high-end commercial production values.



Fantastic Negrito is a multi-Grammy award-winning group from Oakland, CA, led by the enigmatic singer-songwriter Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz.
NOCOAST was fortunate to spend an afternoon with Xavier to talk about mental health for CalHOPE – paid for by FEMA. His presence changed our lives for the better, and we are super proud of the work we created together in just a half-day shoot.
CalHOPE offers safe, secure, and culturally-sensitive emotional support for all Californians.
Go to for more information.