No matter if we're shooting a single camera narrative, a personal documentary, or in front of a live audience with a large crew, let's create some magic together...

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NOCOAST music video production Carolyn Hunter
NOCOAST commercial Waterpik


When creating a music video, NOCOAST scales our crew size up or down depending on the needs of the production. Regardless of the size of our team, our professional approach remains the same:  WE ARE ALL IN!

NOCOAST music video production Daniel Rodriguez

how we do it...

NOCOAST livestream and video production


Let's get the creative juices flowing and put forward an engaging storyline that is authentic to you. A well-thought-out plan ensures a smooth production from start to finish with cost-effective methods.

NOCOAST livestream and video production

Production Teamwork

Our experienced production team of directors, cinematographers, producers and editors are ready to meet your video and photography needs.

NOCOAST livestream and video production

Video and Photography

We are constantly upgrading our equipment, and currently we are excited to be using Sony's FX6 Cinema cameras, Camera Goat dollies, DJI drones and stabilizers, Atomos recorders, and Aputure lighting.

NOCOAST livestream and video production

Let's Experiment

Let's push the boundaries a little and get experimental with our approach through advanced lighting set-ups, stop-motion techniques, and lens filtration.

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Daniel Rodriguez

“The process is the destination” sings Daniel Rodriguez in the chorus of our latest music video release. During the 2nd half of his video, we attempt to flight the “road trip montage” script and turn Dan into the dreamy time-traveling, road-warrior poet we all know he is.

20th anniversary!

STS9 Artifacts

NOCOAST captured an unforgettable 3-night Red Rocks run to celebrate STS9’s 20th Anniversary. Through the lens of shared experience, this 43-minute film articulates the magic of live performance, the fan experience, and how we are all connected through nature, art, creativity, and love.

intimate expressions...


“This was a true journey of getting back into my body. Of coming home to my love for dance. Of giving it my all. Of seeing what I’m made of. This video is a declaration and a celebration. I am the boss of my own life. I am the star of my own story. My feelings matter. My story matters. I am free.” – Carolyn Hunter

road trip vibes...

Daniel Rodriguez

Singer/songwriter Daniel Rodriguez and vocalist Carolyn Hunter harmonize beautifully as they cruise the Colorado landscape and head towards home with Tyrone the dog.

“I’ve traveled to so many places in this world, from the mundane to the miraculously beautiful,” Daniel describes, “but at all times I have looked forward to returning home to Colorado.”

Red Rocks RECAP


We recently teamed up with NYC’s Human Being Media to capture Gramatik’s performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

We were permitted to fly our FAA Licensed drone to capture the action from above. Thanks to director Jay Sansone for bringing us on to collaborate!

badass roCK...


Husband and wife duo Bonnie and Taylor Simms are a force to be reckoned with both on-stage and in the artist promotional game. It’s no surprise that this particular video was conceptualized, filmed, edited, and delivered within one month. We all sure had a blast coming up with all these lighting scenarios.

Thanks to Dale Katechis of Oscar Blues for lending us his beautiful vintage car and music venue for our crew to film in!